Image of Chocolate Brownies made at Food Sorcery Didsbury Manchester

Chocolate Brownie Recipe

We love testing recipes at Food Sorcery. When we find one that is guaranteed to win you the love and admiration of your friends and family, we think it’s only fair to share it. As self-taught bakers, we have tried many different versions over the years. Some have been far...

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Image of chopping Chilli's during a Cookery Class at Food Sorcery Didsbury

Jason Palin – Chicken Pinchos

Garlic Chicken Pinchos – Jason Palin Delicious hot, but also great the next day for lunch if you keep them wrapped up in the fridge overnight. Happy cooking!   Preparation time – 30 minutes Cooking time – 60 minutes approx. Feeds – 4 depending on how hungry you are! Ingredients...

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Jason Palin – Spring Rolls

Spring Roll Recipe – Jason Palin If you are a fan of Chinese food, then you will almost certainly have eaten these. They are great fun to make yourself and surprisingly easy. In the words of our Chef, ‘maybe the yummiest of street snacks!’ This recipe would also work with...

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