Reading, writing and arithmetic are obviously seen as the top three core educational subjects, but it’s strange to think how far ‘learning how to cook’ comes down the priority list, considering it’s something that most of us have to do every day. But kids need to feel that cooking can be fun as well as a practical skill, which is why Food Sorcery’s monthly Big & Little Cooks parent and child cooking classes are such a great idea.

Food Sorcery Cookery and Barista School in Didsbury shares the same grounds as the Waterside Hotel, right across from the Parrs Wood Cinema complex. They offer a huge range of different classes covering all sorts of food preparation for individuals or groups. The modern, well equipped kitchens are set up with everything you might need, including state of the art induction hobs and ovens, top quality Tefal pans (with removable handles for putting in the oven), stainless steel sinks, (with someone on hand to do the washing up for you) a huge communal dining table and even an outside terrace overlooking the River Mersey for you to go if you can’t stand the heat.