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Big & Little Cooks ‘Cooking Together’ – By Families Online

Food Sorcery Cookery School - Teaching Families To Cook Together

Big & Little Cooks - Cooking Together

The team behind Food Sorcery Cookery School, believe that learning to cook can bring a lifetime of pleasure and a host of happy memories.

Help in the Kitchen from age 3

Children can help in the kitchen from age three with safe tasks like washing vegetables, and with support and encouragement, their skills will escalate. Cooking teaches other life skills too. Maths is everywhere as ingredients need weighing and cooking times need calculating and children also learn discipline, patience and to follow instructions.

Families are warmly welcomed at Food Sorcery. Their ‘Big & Little Cooks’ events are about parents, carers, grandparents and children spending time together doing an activity that requires team work. Under the watchful eye of an expert Chef, families get hands on prepping, chopping, learning knife skills and cooking to prepare a main course, pudding and side dish. The delicious meal is enjoyed together around a communal table. Menus include bread, pasta carbonara, salads and sticky toffee pudding, all made from scratch using fresh ingredients.

One of the appeals about this event is that yes, it will get messy, but unlike at home, the washing up is all done for you! ‘Big & Little Cooks’ is suitable for accompanied children aged from about 4 to teenagers.

Kids Cookery Camps

In the school holidays, Food Sorcery offer Kids’ Cookery Camps suitable for children aged 7 to 14, this time without their adults! Each day, the food has a country based theme, from one of the 43 countries that Chef has visited. So far, themes have included Italian, Greek, American and Indian with children cooking pasta, pitta bread, salads and curries. They are encouraged to take home any food that is left over to enjoy with the family.

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Cooking Together Friday nights are a chance for friends or partners to have fun preparing a three course dinner together, under the guidance of an expert chef. The evening is a great alternative to the usual restaurant meal, it’s also perfect for groups celebrating a special event.

Whichever event is chosen; the ethos remains the same. Food Sorcery is about cooking for health, for fun, for life…

Image of Big & Little Cooks cooking together at Food Sorcery Didsbury Manchester Image of Big & Little Cooks cooking together at Food Sorcery Didsbury Manchester

I have been over to one of the Big and Little Cook sessions with my family, to see the review
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Big & Little Cooks – Cooking Together – Quality time, working as a team

Kids’ Cookery Day 7-14 yrs – Cooking mornings, Sporty afternoons

Food Sorcery Cookery & Barista School hosts hands-on fun filled cookery classes, team building and private dining events. We are adjacent to Waterside Hotel, Leisure & Spa.

Contact Us - t: 0161 706 0505 e: a: Wilmslow Rd, Didsbury, M20 5WZ

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