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Cooking Together – Guest Post: Georgie Glass

Why We Arrived As Guests, But Left As Friends

Cooking Together

Last Friday night myself and 3 blogger friends were invited down to Food Sorcery to take part in one of their now established ‘Cooking Together’ classes, and what an evening to remember it was. I was joined by the wonderful Kat Horrocks, Vicki Mellard PT and Alex of Mancunian Kids, and our challenge was to cook a three-course-feast with Chef Jason as our guide. The four of us are very different; blogging about extremely different content from personal training, to wellbeing, to childcare, but we were brought together by the same love – the love of great food.

Cooking Together

Food Sorcery’s ‘Cooking Together’ classes are so much more than learning how to become a dab-hand in the kitchen in whatever cuisine is being showcased that evening. From Chinese to Indian, our evening was an exciting Caribbean theme, it’s a cooking and dining experience like nothing else. We learned first hand the amount of love and care that goes into each event from the team. We were welcomed with a warm smile and a glass of fizz by Helen and Emma, two intricate cogs of the Food Sorcery team. I was soon aware that there was absolutely nothing to be scared of as I edged my way closer to the demonstration area, where Jason would show us how to prepare and cook our first course. My friends and I positioned ourselves right next to the delectable canapés, so we knew we were off to a fine start.

Cooking Together

Then Jason began his cooking demonstration, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it all was to follow. Jason’s whit and charm shines through as he taught us how to dice up our yams for the first course, and he reassured us that this evening was totally narrated by how we wanted our dishes to taste. By adding as little or as much spice, chilli or garlic as we wanted, we learned from Jason all about the native Caribbean flavours and how this played an intricate part in the preparation of the food.

After our demo we made our way over to our cooking stations. I was partnered with Kat and we tasked off an agenda for each of us to do. It was fantastic to have so much artistic licence over our dishes, and this made it all the more fun when we came round the communal dining table between each course to see what our new friends from the evening had also created. I spoke with Vicki who said she found the evening extremely refreshing as due to her pulses intolerance she finds it difficult to dine out at times. But Food Sorcery were so attentive to her needs she was made aware at every stage what she could eat, or how she could make something again from home to suit her dietary needs.

We learned how to make a delicious three course meal from Baked Yams with Corn & Cheese to start, to Run Down Jamaican Fish with Rice n Peas and Spicy Stewed Okra for main. It was really lovely to be offered different options for the main as well; my partner for the evening Kat doesn’t enjoy fish and she remarked how lovely it was to have a variation of options from fish, to meat, to pure veggie. We opted for chicken instead of the red bream, so Chef Jason spent some quality time with us at our station so we understood how to tweak our dish to suit our chicken. It was a lovely touch that he guided us in the right direction, and definitely aided the enjoyment of our meal.

Dining Experience with Cooking Togeteher

After all the cooking was complete we joined our new friends at the dining table to enjoy our delicious food, that we couldn’t believe we’d made ourselves! It was lovely to have conversations with new like minded comrades. We all engaged in entertaining conversation as we enjoyed our main meal, and then Emma came round with our final course, Mango Fool. I was bowled over by the flavours in every course, and couldn’t believe how easy each dish would be to recreate at home.

Cooking Together

I think it’s so underestimated how delightful it is to cook together as a pair, I know this is something I learnt for the first time at the ‘Cooking Together’ event but it will be something I will take home to implement with my partner and I. Thank you to the lovely team at Food Sorcery who were so attentive and looked after us all evening. We came as guests but left as friends. The four of us had the most wonderful evening that we will never forget, and that we will be recommending to our friends and family for years to come.

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