Cooking Up a Life Change

On 15th April 2015, after 27 years working for a company that I loved, I was called to a meeting and made redundant. There was no warning. Five minutes later I was sat in my car, bewildered and scared for the future.

It was brutal.

The emotional impact was enormous. It affected my sleep, my appetite and my confidence.

This is how I got back on my feet.

I spent two weeks feeling sorry for myself and drinking so much tea that I was having palpitations! I decided this had to stop as it was totally unproductive.

I was spending a lot of time indoors because I didn’t want to talk to anybody. This made me feel really rubbish so I started to walk every day. I would walk for about an hour and found it better to have a purpose like buying a paper, or better still, taking ‘stuff’ to the charity shop – exercise and decluttering in one go – definitely productive.

I wrote a CV for the first time in years. I finished it and thought it was rather good. I sent it to a friend who had her CV professionally done, and her feedback was ….it was rubbish! I amended it twice before she considered it to be decent. I went to see a recruitment specialist and showed him the revised CV. He said …it was rubbish. He re-wrote it.

The revised CV worked. I got a part time job in a shop almost straight away. I wasn’t ready for a big corporate job yet. After so long with the same company, I needed some thinking time. The job was just eight hours a week, but it gave structure to my week and came with a clothing allowance. Awesome!

I then got a second part-time job in Britain’s favourite department store and got staff discount. Brilliant!

Then I got asked to join two very talented people to start a Cookery School. I jumped at the chance. I had some redundancy money and this was a fabulous opportunity.

I’ve never run my own business but it soon became apparent that my skills were transferable. All those tasks I’d done for years could be put to great use in a small business – negotiating, presenting, analysing, recruiting, copy writing, all of it was useful.

I started learning new skills. I learnt how to tweet. I love the challenge of communicating in 140 characters. I was soon tweeting, following and liking with a vengeance! I joined Facebook to raise the profile of the business. I said I’d never join Facebook but I love it!

Our Cookery School will open soon and it’s exciting. I know it’s going to be hard work, stressful and demanding, it’s also going to be lots and lots of fun!

We have great Chefs on board that customers are going to love, a varied and engaging programme of events and a great location.

It’s hard to forgive the brutality of how I was treated, but food is about to change my life…. I want it to change your life too.

Let’s cook for life!