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Didsbury Arts Festival – Feed Project

Image of Didsbury Arts festival Logo for FEED pot luck dinners at Food Sorcery Manchester Vegetarian and Vietnamese cookery classes

Food Makes Memories

Remember that awesome trifle that Nan used to make every Christmas? It was so full of sherry that the children weren’t allowed any and the adults were worried about driving after eating it! It was such a family tradition that there was complete uproar when she decided to make a different pudding one year and to this day, if there is sherry trifle on the menu it brings back wonderful memories.

Wasn’t it great when that new family moved in to the street and invited you round for a meal. They made chicken korma and naan bread and it was simply delicious! They told you that their Mum had taught them how to make it when they were growing up in India. You’ve been friends ever since, and after twenty years of persuasion and cajoling, they finally shared their secret recipe with you. That was when you knew that you would be friends for life!

Didsbury Arts Festival

These are exactly the type of evocative stories that the organisers of the Didsbury Arts Festival are keen to hear about for a special project called FEED. Participants are needed to help host a series of small dinner parties celebrating their food and the stories behind them.

They are not necessarily looking for the most talented chef, but definitely want to meet people with a special recipe and a unique story behind it. Whether it’s a recipe that’s been handed down through generations, a special birthday meal or the first thing your partner every made then they would love to hear about it.

Come along to find out more to our first (very informal) session on Sunday 14th May between 2pm and 4pm at Food Sorcery at the Waterside Hotel, Didsbury – and bring your dish! It’s a lovely opportunity to get involved with the festival.

Book your place by contacting Ruth and Rebecca on – and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.