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Fit Food – Healthy Eating

We all want to try and be a little bit healthier – move a little more, maybe take up a new exercise, add more fruit and vegetables to our diet. But while we understand the why, we don’t always have the know-how. And it can be especially daunting for those of who’ve been advised to follow a gluten free diet, or those moving to vegetarian or plant based lifestyles.

This is where our Fit Food cookery sessions come in. Our Kitchen Maverick Jan Cron has a wealth of knowledge to pass onto you – so you can recreate fit food for you and your family at home.

And with classes that offer flavours from around the world, let Jan show you how fit food can be delicious as well as healthy.

All sessions (except for the Fermentation classes) are three hours long. Plenty of time for you to enjoy a welcome drink, and grab a pinny, because you’ll be cooking along with Jan. Each class includes a starter, a main and a dessert – yes, even pud can be healthy – and as you complete each dish, you can sit down with the other members of the class and test out your handiwork.

Love something spicy, then our Mexican, Indian, or Middle Eastern sessions will be the ones for you.

For pizza without the gluten, the Italian Flavours session brings you all the flavours of Italy, but with a healthy twist.

And it doesn’t stop at home. Our Workplace Wellness session shows you how to meal prep for the office. Step away from the boring butty, and enjoy something far more delicious – and good for you!

Finally, there’s Jan’s favourite, the Fermenting for Gut Health. Natural bacteria are proven to be good for us, but how to we get them into our tummies? One of the best ways is through fermented foods, like sauerkraut, kombucha or kimchi.  In this somewhat shorter session, you’ll  learn how you can do it yourself . After a welcome which includes samplers of kombucha and kefir, you’ll be making jars of your own ferments to take home to mature – and the know-how to refill them!    

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Image of Muscle Gain Fit Food Class Chef Jan Cron aiding class participant at Food Sorcery, Didsbury