Get Kids Cooking!

Kids get Cooking…for life…

There are lots of reasons not to cook with your children. The kitchen is full of danger from cuts and scalds. It’s messy. It would be far quicker to cook by yourself.

While all the above is true, kids love cooking and there are some real benefits to teaching them!

Taking Responsibility

What we have noticed is that once we explain to a child that knives are sharp, they get it, they respond to the responsibility and treat knives with respect. They love it when Chef shows them ‘Spider Fingers’ – a way of curling their fingers in, like a crawling spider when they are chopping, which reduces the chances of them cutting themselves. As the children start to understand, they often remind other kids about the rules. Bossy? Maybe, but also the start of showing and taking responsibility.

Maths for Life

Cooking is full of maths. There is usually a degree of weighing and measuring, especially with baking, so it starts to help get a feel of quantity. What does 25 grammes of flour look like? How about butter? There is also time-keeping. Things will burn if they are left too long and undercooked food is never a good idea, so keeping an eye on the time is critical. Any activity that helps a child’s understanding of numbers has got to be a good thing – right?

Eating Everything!

Another observation, having run several Cookery Holiday Camps is that when our Junior Chefs have made everything themselves, they are very keen to eat it. They have personally weighed, chopped, fried, boiled and whisked every ingredient that has been added so there are no surprises. In the main, they tuck in to their meals with gusto, no matter how experimental the cooking has been. We expected homemade pizza to be devoured, but Pad Thai was wolfed down even though many had not eaten it before.

Life Skills!

Once a few skills have been mastered, a whole world of cooking starts to open. The children we teach are between 7 and 14 years old, but the skills they learn will last a lifetime, and trust me, when they start to leave home to work or study, it is reassuring to know that they can prepare a decent meal.

Our teenage son came home for two days over Christmas and then announced that he had to go back to his flat because him and his mates were having a house meal. I gave myself a little hypothetical high five as he talked me through the rather delicious sounding menu and it made me realise that yes it was messy when he cooked as a child and no he didn’t always do the washing up, but my goodness it was time well spent!

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