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Healthier Work Environments


It’s no secret that sedentary lifestyle causes a lot of harm – it has been proven that it brings both physical and mental health issues (Owen et al., 2010). More and more employers in the corporate world started putting wellbeing programs in place. We decided to explore this phenomenon in more detail.

Sedentary Job and Its Health Risks

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Way too many people work long hours and do more work they can cope with in very stressful environments. They are affected by technological overload and not enough physical movement. Poor diet is also a very important factor. This way of life emerged only recently. Harari (2011) argues that we are not at all designed to live like this, that we are supposed to run around and hunt all day. Instead, an average person spends around 12 hours a day sitting. Ill effects of this overly sedentary lifestyle are being referred to as sitting disease. Simply put, strong evidence links excessive sitting with poor health, especially in a stressful environment and accompanied by poor diet.

Comparing the ones who sit the least and the ones who sit almost all day, the latter have 112% higher risk of developing diabetes and 147% higher risk of suffering a cardiovascular event. Add to it high cholesterol levels, back pains, increased risk of getting cancer, slower blood circulation, depression and anxiety (Parker, 2015), and you have a recipe for disaster.

Those who don’t exercise have been termed as sedentary in the past. However, this is no longer an accurate perspective as a recent study from the Medical College of Wisconsin has proven that inactivity cannot be completely reversed by exercise. Basically, we sit so much that even exercising 3-4 times a week won’t balance it out. Suddenly being on my feet all day in the kitchen doesn’t seem so bad!

What Are We Going to Do About It?!

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Parker (2015) also states, that reducing the time we sit even by hour or two, can make a massive difference in our overall health. Maybe start walking or cycling to work? Good idea is to mix weight lifting with cardio (Ideally 3-4 hard gym sessions and 2-3 one hour long cardio sessions). I can’t run because of an old knee injury, but just recently started walking long distances – I walk to and from work and everywhere around Manchester listening to audiobooks. It took me a while to get used to it but now I really enjoy having this time to myself. And yes, I know that it takes longer to walk places. Another really good idea is swapping your old office desk for a standing one. It lowers your risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease and improves your mood and energy levels. More companies are also building mindfulness and meditation rooms, gyms and chill out areas. They are finally starting to realise that unhappy, unhealthy and unmotivated workers are not going to hit their targets, that sickness levels are rising, and they need to do something about it.

According to the WHO, the use of tobacco and unhealthy eating habits became a serious issue in office environments in recent years. This, together with inactive lifestyle, creates a very unhealthy cocktail. We need to change our habits and especially our children’s habits. Healthy lifestyle, plenty of exercise and nutritious and well-balanced diet should ideally begin early in the childhood.

At Food Sorcery we will gladly help you with the nutrition part. The aim of our healthy eating team building events are to show your workforce how to eat healthy meals that taste and look amazing, and that cooking doesn’t have to be too difficult or time-consuming.Our team building or away days can be planned around you and your team and have one essential ingredient – Fun!

The change can start in your kitchen. And if you stick with a good meal plan, you’ll see the results after only a few weeks. You’ll feel much better, without afternoon tiredness, it will be easier for you to get out of bed in the morning and to fall asleep in the evening. You’ll also see better result from the gym as it is much easier to build muscle and strength if you are eating well.

Take a look at our past team building events on our website or call mark on 0161 706 0505 to discuss your needs.


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