How to make Salt Dough Crusted Fish

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How to make Salt Dough Crust Fish

This is an impressive and ancient way of cooking or baking whole fish. The key for this to work is that the fish should be gutted that’s the tummy cavity cleaned.  Scales must be left on the fish as the salt dough takes off the skin of the fish leaving a wonderful tasting succulent fish.

Salt dough crust fish made at Food Sorcery Cookery School – Fish 3 Ways Cookery Class

Salt Dough

Makes enough to cover 2 large sea bass or 1 whole salmon

1.5 Kg of plain flour

1.3 Kg of fine sea salt

Cold water 350ml water (must be added gradually) 


1 Mix the flour and salt

2 Gradually add water to form putty

3 Wrap in cling film and rest for 30 minutes

4 Split the dough into 4 even sized balls. Roll one out to about 5 mm thickness, cut around the fish following the curves.

5 Place the rolled-out dough onto a roasting tray

6 Place the unscaled fish on the dough – wet the edge of the dough

7 Roll out another dough ball to form a top.

8 Place over the fish, cut round following the curves and seal the edges

9 Now you can decorate the pastry by making scale marks with the top of a butter knife

10 Place in a preheated oven – 200 degrees

11 when the dough feels hard and looks slightly brown like a terracotta tile usual 35 minutes its ready.

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