Let’s Get Tipsy! – in praise of the Cocktail

The mere mention of the word ‘Cocktail’ conjures up images of 1920’s glamour, James Bond with his Martini and Tom Cruise in the 1988 rom-com film! Cocktails aren’t merely poured, like a glass of wine or beer, they are stirred, shaken, neat, on the rocks, straight up, with a kick, or dirty.

These are the peacocks of the drink world, the party animals that demand attention! Not content with their own colours and flavours, which are already a mixture, they come with extra flamboyance in the shape of fruit, citrus peel, cream and mint leaves. They can be drunk cold or hot, and just to add to the drama, some of them get set on fire.

They have acquired their own personalities. From sophisticated and mysterious like a Martini with its solitary olive through to the tequila sunrise in all its golden glory, topped off with a cherry and a cheeky paper umbrella.

Blurred Lines

Even their history is fascinating, mainly because it’s all got a bit blurred. Perhaps folk were too busy getting tipsy to record the origins for posterity! Does ‘Cocktail’ refer to a rooster’s or cock’s tail feather being used as a garnish in these drinks back in the 1800’s? Does it come from the English definition of cock-tail which, in the middle 1800’s, referred to ‘a woman of easy virtue who was desirable but impure…and applied to the newly acquired American habit of ‘ruining’ good British Gin with foreign matter, including ice?’ Nobody knows, and it doesn’t really matter, it’s all part of the glamour of this wonderful, rich, varied and at times eccentric drink.

At Food Sorcery Cookery School, we want to evoke some of this fun and glamour by bringing you an evening with fellow Didsbury business, Tipsy Tea. Their mission in life is to combine tea and alcohol in innovative cocktails, with sweet, sweet music. We’d like to add great food to that mix for a fun and enjoyable evening.

A Taste of Food Sorcery – Live Music, Tipsy Tea Cocktails, Fab Food