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Meet Our Suppliers

At Food Sorcery, we want to give people the confidence to cook more, having fun with food and creating delicious dishes they can make at home….this might be through a specific international cuisine, or a particular type of ingredient such as fish, pastry, steak or coffee.  

Quality ingredients are a key to the Food Sorcery way – we have built brilliant relationships with suppliers local to our venue, helping us use the freshest meat, fish and vegetables while avoiding lots of food waste and food miles.  Supporting the local high street is important to us – your shopping experience is dramatically improved when you are on first name terms with the shop staff.  It’s not unheard of for the staff to pop up at events at Food Sorcery, adding a bit of banter and another level of expertise to our chef.  We also know e can rely on them for advice about seasonal availability and exceptional prices.

In fact, we’re so proud of our suppliers, we thought we’d introduce you to them!


Image of Ox cheeks at Food Sorcery Cookery School bought at Axons of Didsbury

From vegetables to fish, and meat, and here we use the high street in Didsbury –  suppliers that you might know yourself. Axons of Didsbury, Fresh Save, Little Pigs Butchers, and Evans of Didsbury.

Fresh Save is guaranteed to raise a smile!  Magic tricks from Uncle and Imi is always happy to carry your bags to the car…it’s amazing how much variety is in there…when we need a special spice, they usually have it in stock or are happy to source for you!   Just ask!

Axons is family run business, established in 1969, now owed by Craig who worked for Frank before that. Behind the traditional looking façade is a wealth of locally sourced and free range meats and an absolute plethora of specialist sausages. They’re so good, Christmas time almost guarantees a long queue outside the shop, so we know we’re working with one of the best butchers in the city!

Image of pork pie made at Food Sorcery cookery school didsbury
Image of cutting Steak at food Sorcery Cookery School Didsbury Manchester

And that brings us to Little Pigs Butchers. Another family run award winning business, whereas Axons has a very traditional style, Little Pigs has more of a contemporary feel. They’re also passionate about sourcing locally, and the traceability of their meats. That means that when we source from Little Pigs Butchers, not only will the quality of the meat be second to none, but that they’ll have also taken into account the environmental impact, but the welfare of the animals are at the heart of what they do.

image of flat fish filleting class at food sorcery cookery school
image of sqid cooking at the bbq class manchester
image of lagoon mullet fish research for Sri Lankan Cookery Class Didsbury

Walk into Evans of Didsbury, and the freshness of the fish and shellfish on offer is clear to see. Serving the families of Didsbury for over fifty years, they still have a great family feel, and customer service that can’t be beaten. Need advice? Not sure what to cook? They can help. From oysters, and whole fish, to making your own bisque or fish stock, they’ve got you (and us) covered.

We know, that if something isn’t available, they’ll be able to help us with an alternative or help us adapt the recipe – meaning you still get the best fresh fish, whether it’s for our Cooking Together sessions, or Fit Food classes.

Whichever of our courses you come to, whatever you’re making with us,  you know where our ingredients have come from, and that you’ll always get the best from us.