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Mother’s Day – Thanks Mum!

Mother’s Day – Thanks Mum!

Mother’s Day in March, a day to say thank you to all those fabulous Mums out there.

Thanks for the support, for the unconditional love and for being a role model.

Thanks for passing on life-skills which we complained about at the time, and so appreciate now. We hadn’t realised how important money management, learning to cook, looking after ourselves, tidying up and ironing would be until we left home.

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Thanks for making us do homework and then re-do homework if it wasn’t up to standard. It’s helped us get jobs, further our education and make our way in the world.

Thanks for coming to all the Parent’s Evenings and for hearing ‘they could try harder’ and turning it into ‘see how well you could do in this subject with a little effort.’ Thanks for coming to all the School plays whether we had a small part in the chorus or the lead role. It made us feel special.

Thanks for standing on the edge of a playing field every weekend watching us play football, hockey and rugby and for running us to Cubs, Scouts, Brownie, Guides, Ballet and Judo. It never occurred to us until later, that you could possibly have anything better to do with the time.

Thanks for getting up for us in the middle of the night when we were tiny and waiting up to collect us into the small hours as teenagers!

If you would like to say thank you to your Mum with a special meal that you can make and enjoy together, then book onto our ‘Big & Little Cooks’ – Mother’s Day event. Mum can either join in with the preparation, or spend a couple of hours using the facilities at the Waterside Leisure Club and then join you for the meal.

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