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Serving a cooking ‘ACE’

Serving a cooking ‘ACE’ at the Manchester Trophy

The Manchester Trophy is a world-class women’s tournament held at The Northern Lawn Tennis Club and has previously been voted Manchester’s event of the year.  Throughout its history, The Northern Lawn Tennis Club has held international tennis events, attracting players such as John McEnroe, Pete Sampras, Billie-Jean King, and Margaret Court.

At Food Sorcery, we like to bring a bit of foodie fun to the party, so with a few dozen calls, meetings and risk assessments, we organised a session cooking with the players on the opening day of the event.  For those of you not lucky enough to visit the Northern, the grass courts are a thing of beauty – the grounds staff, led by the ever rain spotting Des, do a marvellous job creating the Wimbledon of the North – so our foodie twist was that the players, and some tennis loving young ladies from Manchester High School for Girls (MHSG) should prepare a lunch for the hard grafting ground staff.

Everyone loves food, and the girls and players quickly rolled their sleeves up and rose to the challenge of Des and his team arriving for lunch.  The plan was a giant paella and some novel little poke bowls – tasty Hawaiian inspired dishes.  At Food Sorcery we specialise in fit food, so we picked a menu both on flavour and a nutritionally balanced meal that would suit both the players and the ground staff.

Mrs Sarah Newton, Head of P.E. at MHSG brought the girls to the club:

‘Bringing them today they get to learn about suitable foods when pursuing sports and healthy eating, Paella is a great balance of protein and carb it’s good food for athletes, the girls can see protein-based food and what they should eating as a balanced diet’

‘They also get to see elite athletes in a relaxed, informal environment and this will hopefully be inspirational to them’.

Player Ingrid Neel, from Florida, playing in both the singles and defending her doubles title from last year’s Manchester Trophy, loved learning how to prep the Paella with us. She said ‘Paella is the perfect combo of veg and carbs for Tennis players, I’ve just won my first match and to have a meal like this cooked for us is great’

Also commenting on how we were providing the food for the grounds staff she said

‘It’s so nice, without the groundskeepers we wouldn’t have a tournament, they work so hard getting the ground ready and they open and close the courts. If it’s been raining, they need to prep it for two hours before we can play on it, the courts are possibly the nicest in the whole of England, the flat grass is perfectly manicured, attended classic grass’

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