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Communication is central to the success of any team.  Coming together to cook and share food is a great way to get people talking but how do you capture that benefit and keep the lines of communication open when you go back to work? 

We want to help you make the most of your time and your budget so we’ve teamed up with Barrister Coach Trainer, Catherine Brown, of Skilful Conversation, to provide some unique training programmes which can be combined with time in the kitchen or with a sociable meal.

Catherine spent 15 years practising as a barrister before forming her own coaching and training company in which she draws on her courtroom skills to bring that excellence in communication to others, working with both individuals and teams and in building confidence in aspiring leaders.

You could combine a cookery class with a workshop on Managing Difficult Conversations or Tackling Imposter Syndrome.  Training on Report Writing and written communication can also be incorporated.

Or opt for individual coaching sessions to take place in turn whilst the others get on with the cooking – ideal for setting goals, maximising potential and tackling individual issues.

The collaborative and fun atmosphere generated at Food Sorcery also makes it a safe environment to approach some more challenging issues within your organisation such as accountability and collective responsibility for matters such as health and safety.

Catherine specialises in exploiting her legal knowledge and cross-examination skills to create bespoke courses which challenge your status quo.  You could provide her with specific material relating to a current issue in your company (maybe a health and safety near-miss, or perhaps a new strategy), and she will both question you on it in a searching court-room style, and then facilitate a discussion about the best way forward.

Being cross-examined can prove daunting but it has lasting benefits – not only can it build confidence in the participants.  It also enables people to become more competent at self-scrutiny when they return to the workplace.

We will work with you to create your ideal event. Our consultants and trainers are experienced in designing and serving up bespoke programmes that fit with your specific objectives; complementing the experience of food preparation with practical, worthwhile add-ons to maximise your time and your budget.

You’ll experience the joy of cooking with colleagues, learning new kitchen techniques and recipes that you can take away and serve up at home, as well as having time to learn and grow.

For each event, you’ll get to choose your menu, training content and delivery schedule. We can deliver short bite-size events, full day and even two-day events.  

Talk to us and let us provide you with a unique experience in our state-of-the-art kitchen environment with dedicated training space.

If you want to find out more about our communication skills partner Catherine Brown from Skilful Conversation, visit the website: