IMAGE OF LOGO FOR Cutting the curd at Food Sorcery cookery school cheese making Didsbury Manchester

Louise Talbot - Chef and Cheese Maker

Cutting The Curd

First taught to make cheese almost 20 years ago (and having also undertaken training in commercial cheese manufacture) qualified teacher Louise Talbot combines her passion for cheese and teaching others new skills, at her Cutting the Curd Cheese Making Classes.

Having grown up on her parents’ family farm in NZ, Louise has a natural affinity with the land with a heart very much in the country. Some of her happiest childhood memories include carrying enormous trays of home baking across the farmyard for shearers tea breaks; eating charred baked potatoes dripping in butter after a controlled fire had roared through stubble fields and the sounds and smell of Grandad Alexanders’ milking parlour and docile jersey cows.

Louise is a member of the Specialist Cheese Makers Association and The Guild of Fine Foods and guest tutor at many Cookery Schools, including Waitrose, Leiths School of Food and Wine, Divertimenti and WI Denman College and is also a World Cheese Awards, Global Cheese Awards and Great Taste judge.

Mother to two grown-up sons in agriculture, Louise is very concerned about global food production and food security in the future too.