image of Muriel Lismonde from Tour de Belfort pop up at Food Sorcery

Muriel Lismonde - Chef

Tour De Belfort & Le Vin La Table
Organic, natural & award winning wine

Our vision was not just to make wine for our own personal pleasure but to create a high-quality, authentic and organic wine.​

‘Our greatest satisfaction has been to produce award winning wine straight from our first vintage, recognized by many medals and appreciated by our customers, right from the first crop.

“Tour De Belfort has scooped many awards. Praised for its suppleness, fruity length and spicy aromas, their wine is produced using organic methods at a small family-owned vineyard in south-west France”

Muriel Lismonde opened Le Vin La Table in 2013, a shop-cum-cookery school in Hale, hosting many wine tastings, you can be pretty certain she knows what she’s talking about. For in all probability she has made the wine herself.