image of Tim Lambert of Lamberts Associates Leadership development cookery class team building

Tim Lambert - Leadership Development


Cookery serves as a powerful metaphor for leadership, allowing teams to explore in a tactile and creative way, the essential ingredients that leaders must work with to generate exceptional performance.

We’ve teamed up with a leadership development specialist Tim Lambert to provide seamless leadership programmes that marry time in the kitchen cooking up a treat with time together learning about the recipe for great leadership.

We work with you to identify the right menu for your event. Our consultants and trainers are experienced in designing and serving up bespoke programmes that fit with your specific objectives; complementing the experience of food preparation with great takeaway models and strategies that you can use to feed and nourish your teams.

You’ll experience the joy of cooking with colleagues, learning new kitchen techniques and recipes that you can take away and serve up at home, as well as having time to learn valuable leadership lessons through expert post-activity facilitation.