The 2 Day Diet – Cookery Class in support of Prevent Breast Cancer

An Introduction to the 2 Day Diet

The 2 Day Diet works!

The idea is simple. Eat a low carbohydrate diet for two days a week and eat normally for five. However, the benefits are life changing as this diet is about preventing cancer and generally improving health. It’s nutritionally complete and easy to stick to because the recipes are filling and delicious.

With so many benefits, I was really keen to taste some of the food included on this ground-breaking way of eating, especially as it’s been developed by two award winning scientists from Wythenshawe Hospital, right here in Manchester. In fact, one of the authors, Dr Michelle Harvie, cycled right past me this week when I was out and about. That lady leads a very healthy lifestyle!

‘Prevent’ Breast Cancer Research Team

Working alongside co-author Professor Tony Howell, Dr Michelle is on the research team at ‘Prevent’ where experts in the field of breast cancer research are working tirelessly to achieve the goal of preventing breast cancer for future generations. The beauty of this diet is that it can also reduce the risk of type two diabetes and heart disease, so it is not just for women as men will benefit too.

‘2 Day Diet’ Cookbook

Accompanying the diet is a ‘2-day Diet Cookbook’ that gives plenty of delicious suggestions for breakfast, lunch and evening meals. Personally, I love reading cookbooks so set about flicking through the recipes. There are plenty to choose from and it was good to note that a vegetarian diet is catered for.

The list of snacks is what caught my eye first as for most people, this can be a minefield. Fortunately, there is a list of delicious suggestions. Olives are on the list as are a handful of nuts (apart from chestnuts) but my particular favourite, and I’m sure that this will divide opinion, is celery sticks filled with peanut butter. Yum!

Included in the meals that can be eaten on restricted days are salads and soups but also a chicken and spinach curry with raita and open spiced turkey burgers with guacamole. Sounds delicious!

Fund Raising Cookery Class

At Food Sorcery, we are delighted to have met with one of the authors of the ‘2 Day Diet,’ Dr Michelle Harvie (in addition to her cycling past me!) and we were so inspired by the pioneering work that she is doing with Professor Tony Howell that we are planning a fund-raising cookery class to support the work being done at ‘Prevent.’ Scheduled for October, the class will involve an introduction to the diet and an opportunity to create a delicious meal from the ‘2 Day Diet Cookbook’ with our expert Chef. Meanwhile, I am going to cook some of the recipes and report back next time!