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The Day I Made Cheese!

We asked David to tell us about his experience attending our Cheese Making Class - here's what he had to say

Occasionally at Christmas or other gifting time it is worth taking the plunge and instead of waiting for a very useful but mildly disappointing pair of socks or a jumper that you hope the gift receipt is still valid… your own present!

Image of Mozzereall Cheese making at Food Sorcery Didsbury Manchester with Cutting the Curd Image of making Camembert by Cutting the curd at Food Sorcery didsbury Manchester Team building Image of blue cheese and figs at Food Sorcery Didsbury

Last Christmas, I spotted the upcoming Cheese Making class at Food Sorcery and this is exactly what I did…clearly taking full responsibility for such a rash decision, I checked the family calendar for any potential clashes first, I booked on to make my own Mozzarella and Halloumi…I love cheese, always have…and although am knowledgeable to an extent about most things foodie, I had no clue about how milk turns into something solid, which such a vast array of flavours from the subtle to the extraordinary.

image of chesse making class attendees at Food Sorcery Didsbury with cutting the curd

The day was hosted by Louise from Cutting the Curd, she knew everything about cheese and it was clearly her passion…the cheese puns were acceptably funny but the class was superb.  We were taught the science, it’s all about very specific temperature, using raw or unhomogenised (seemingly only available main stream through the Prince Of Wales)…then we made the cheese!  Mozzarella so creamy and very satisfying to roll in on itself to make the recognisable balls…

Image of Goats Cheese making at Food Sorcery Didsbury Manchester with Cutting the Curd IMAFE OF LOGO FOR Cutting the curd at Food Sorcery cookery school cheese making Didsbury ManchesterImge of Louise Image of logo for Cutting the curd at Food Sorcery cookery school cheese making Didsbury Manchester

Pre-lunch we collectively made butter and mascarpone was demonstrated by Louise….both adding a degree of luxury to the meal, freshly made butter, a sprinkle of sea-salt and some sourdough, warm chocolate brownie with the mascarpone…all washed down with a delicious Primitivo.  After lunch, it was halloumi time, it appears almost magically out of the foggy milk, and then formed into the rectangular bars…. I happened to be straight to a party after the course, so was most pleased to be able to serve the halloumi as a little canape!  All in all, a great event…cheese is a delight, Louise a cracking host and the blend of chemistry and foodology a great way to spend an afternoon!

Food Sorcery will be hosting two very special cheese making days in January click here for details 

To find out more about Louise and her cheese making skills take a look at her website

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