Why Cooking is the Ultimate Self Care – Kat Horrocks

Why Cooking is the Ultimate Self Care


I have a question I ask every guest on the podcast – “what is your favourite self-care ritual that’s a must-do, go-to after a long, stressful day?”

Let me tell you…so many people say cooking. And I’m inclined to agree with them! Growing up in a foodie family, food makes me happy. Not only does it nourish my body and give me everything I need to tackle the day – it also feeds my soul. It fills me with joy to sit down to a big, hearty homemade bowl of comfort food and share a meal with my partner, my mum and dad or a close friend.


An evening meal is the most social part of many people’s day! It’s a time to put the phone away, pick a fork up and talk about life. Even better when you can create a meal together – dishes made amongst chatter, laughter and background tunes always seem to taste ten times better. 


Which is why I jumped at the chance to head to Food Sorcery’s Cooking Together Class with some friends last Friday evening. The class is a hands-on experience of learning to recreate a themed meal in partners – this time, it was Caribbean inspired. Totally up my street flavour wise – and totally out of my comfort zone skill wise! I was excited to pick up some tips and come away with some new recipes under my belt.

No-fuss, honest and delicious home cooking that I feel confident I can recreate on my own. 

From the cheesy baked yam dishes to start, to super simple sides like handmade flatbreads and traditional rice and peas – everything was no-fuss, honest and delicious home cooking that I feel confident I can recreate on my own. 


Jason our chef for the evening was friendly, approachable and quite hilarious! He made the atmosphere totally relaxed. He demonstrated each dish to us, and we could ask questions throughout, but if you were struggling afterwards he was around to offer help or give you pointers. 


Something I really appreciated was the option to adapt the dish to suit our personal tastes and preferences. The main was a beautiful fillet of red bream, and although I did try Jason’s masterpiece and it tasted delicious, I much preferred swapping ours for chicken thighs – which worked equally well in the Rundown sauce (a tasty combo of coconut milk, tomato and spices).

The recipes are emailed to you afterwards which is really helpful for referring back to them at home. We’re planning to pick up some Pigeon Peas – rice and peas is my new favourite dish and surprisingly easy to make! 


Thank you so much to Food Sorcery for having us down. If you’re a massive foodie like me or know someone who is, you must get down there for communal cooking fun! It’s the perfect date night, friend’s night, gift idea or even work’s do. You won’t regret it!

Love & Good Vibes,

Food Sorcery kindly gave us a complimentary invite to the evening to try the class. All thoughts are my own and I wasn’t paid to write this post!