The Caribbean is a giant melting pot of flavours with influences from India, Africa, Asia, and Europe.  Aromatic with the underlying sweetness of fruits in many savoury dishes and truly representative of a world cuisine that stands on its own.

Use the filter to choose a Cookery Class booked individually for a more in-depth learning or a Cooking Together booked as a pair for a sociable foodie experience.

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Sociable Foodie Experience – The perfect blend of cookery class and meal out. Book and cook the same meal as a pair. Book as a Pair

Plenty of hands-on immersive learning. Book and cook/bake your own set of ingredients. You might share a workstation. Book Individually



Located at the thriving New Jackson state of the art neighbourhood. M15 4YB

Home from home vibe with views over the river. Hotel and Leisure club onsite. M20 5WZ