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Our Deansgate Square venue is fully accessible with a drop off zone in the layby next door to the entrance. We are able to provide a lower hob to work at, just let us know in the booking notes and we will have everything ready for you.

Our Didsbury venue is on the first floor with access via stairs. 

All our hobs are induction. If you have a pacemaker, let us know in the booking notes and we will have a gas stove ready for you.

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How to Book

Cooking Together experiences are for 2 people, so booked as a pair.

Tickets to all other classes and class & meals are per person.

Cooking Together

It’s like going out for dinner, but you learn to cook.  One ticket for 2 people, canapes & drink on arrival, 3 course meal to follow.  Work together throughout (1 set of ingredients, 1 set of equipment).  Lots of time to enjoy eating at our sociable tables.  Chef makes dessert.  Sociable Foodie Fun!

Cookery Classes

Cookery Class –  Combination of chef demonstration and lots of hands-on cookery.  Tickets sold for individuals, so even if you book 2 tickets, you have your own ingredients and equipment. You may share a hob and oven with another individual. You have the opportunity to eat as you cook, there is usually plenty of food left over to take home.

Cookery Class & Meal – usually 4 hours. Principally similar to the 3 hour classes, so tickets sold for individuals. More leisurely as at a weekend and there is time to enjoy eating socially at suitable times through the class, usually at the end. We time these classes to coincide with a meal occasion! Usually plenty of leftovers to take home.

Skills Classes

Whether Baking or Fish/ Meat or Knife Skills, we offer a drink on arrival and make sure there is the opportunity to eat something at a suitable time in the class.  Expect to take home your creations but for instance, fish doesn’t travel well, so expect to eat plenty!  If you aren’t sure, ask!

Cooking Together

We can manage groups of 3, you will be given extra ingredients – but you will all still work together with the same ingredients and equipment. If you want to book an extra, add it to the booking notes and get in touch – we can send you a link to pay the extra amount. If you are a group of 4, you will need to book 2 tickets – you will have hobs opposite each other so you can interact together.

Big & Little Cooks & Parent & Teen

We can work with groups of 3, so an additional child or adult and we will provide you with additional ingredients accordingly. If you are a group of 4, you will need to book 2 tickets and we will ensure you work on opposite hobs so you feel like a group of 4. 

Cookery Classes

Tickets are sold individually so just book the multiple you want. If you are considering booking a big group – consider if you want a private event and speak to us. If you book as a 2 or more, we will position you accordingly so you can interact.  You may share a hob and an oven if necessary.

We love a party – so let us help!

We we build the event to your needs, so let’s have a chat and plan. 

We need to know and approximate number or people, time of day and dates…we can then suggest options. 

You can choose to cook a lot, a bit or not at all and just have our chef team look after you. 

We have great wines and can match accordingly for your event.  Menu to be determined with your input.

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Booking Changes

If your circumstances change and you are no longer able to attend the course you booked on, please let us know as soon as possible, via email

The booking is similar to a theatre ticket or sporting event so non-refundable but we can offer you a few options:

  • 1/ At any time, you can transfer your booking to a friend or family member, we just need to know any changes to food preferences or allergies.
  • 2/ If you give us at least 2 weeks notice before the class starts, we can send you a voucher to rebook when you are ready.
  • 3/ If it is 7 to 14 days before the class starts, we can send you a voucher to rebook onto another class – we will charge £25 per person admin fee to rebook.  Please note a cooking together event (2 people on the ticket will be charged at £50)
  • 4/ If there is less than 7 days notice, and we can resell the ticket we can follow the same process as step 3. If we can’t sell the ticket, sadly the ticket will expire and be un-used.  Ideally you find someone to use the ticket as per step 1

It’s always upsetting to be ill when you’ve booked a ticket in advance. We will have planned your workstation and purchased ingredients for you to cook.

Please ask around – can anyone use your ticket, giving you the money to rebook. If you have booked multiple tickets or a cooking together class – can your friend(s) who you were coming with, find a replacement to come along – it doesn’t mean they like you any less, but it makes sure the ticket and ingredients aren’t wasted.

Please treat us like a sporting event or theatre as we struggle to resell spaces with no notice.

In some circumstances we will be able to utilise a waiting list or can charge an admin fee to rebook which is £45 per person.

If you didn’t let us know and therefore didn’t attend the class there is nothing we can do, the booking is non refundable.

We reserve the right to cancel a class if the numbers booked on the class are too low, making the class nonviable to run. In the unlikely event of a course being cancelled by Food Sorcery you will be offered a refund or a space on another course.

In the unlikely event of extreme conditions preventing a cookery class from running, we will reschedule your class at a mutually convenient date within 12 months.

Chef changes – where possible classes will be hosted by the chef identified on the event.  At times it may be necessary to change the chef and it is at Food Sorcery’s discretion whether attendees need to be notified of the change. At times when an alternative class needs to be delivered due to lack of availability of a specialist, the option to rebook will be given.

image of cooking together experiences at food sorcery cookery school Manchester

What to wear/bring

It’s really up to you!  But be comfortable and practical… there is food preparation with the potential for spillages, slippery floors and even dropped knives.   You will be standing while you cook, seated while dining.

We provide all l the ingredients and equipment you need for the class.

If you have an apron, bring it as this helps us reduce our impact on the environment as we wash all our aprons after each use.

If on a class, it’s likely there will be leftovers – bring suitable containers to take home.

We will email you the recipes after the class as soon as is practical. 

If someone else booked you on the class, please make sure you update your email address when you are at the school.


We don’t give the recipes out during the class as we find people work at different paces and ignore the chef!

Generally, yes on a class or class & meal – you make enough food to both eat and take any leftovers home.  We do ask you to bring suitable containers and please think about refrigerating as soon as you get home….we can’t take responsibility for the food once it leaves our kitchen.  If you take it home and leave on a radiator over night…please don’t eat it!

image of Bao and Noodles cookery class at Food Sorcery New Jackson cookery School Manchester

Food Preferences & Allergies

Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements or food allergies when booking or email us. Ingredients are bought according to the information you give us, this reduces waste and allows us to amend recipes to suit you. It is very difficult for us to change ingredients on the night so let us know in plenty of time so we can get everything ready for you.

Upon highlighting an allergy, where possible, Food Sorcery will make provision for the food used at that event to be either free-from the specified allergen or the person affected by the allergen will be given alternative ingredients or food – Food Sorcery reiterates that is not possible to ensure there is no cross-contamination in the kitchen as usage is variable and all allergens are used at times.

Food Sorcery is a fully operational kitchen used on both supervised and unsupervised occasions resulting in an identified risk of cross contamination from all food allergens. We ask all guests to highlight any allergies to us in advance and the kitchen also has signage requesting this information.

We don’t always publish the menu in advance – we like to shop with our eyes and buy fresh, seasonal ingredients.  Plus we look at any food requests on the night. 

Trust us, it will be lovely!

Let us know – 

It’s not meant to be a punishment, even though you might like them if you try them!  In most instances we can provide an alternative or you can leave it out/ use less spice etc!

Let us know when you book! 

Please tell us on the booking notes or give us a call to discuss.  In many instances we can work around your preference, if there is a concern, we will discuss with you.

Cooking Together evenings – we aim to design our menu with preferences in mind, so there will usually be a fish/ meat/ veggie option.  We will contact you a week in advance to make sure we have your concerns noted.

We change menus a lot, but do also repeat menus!  The safest way is to tell us what you cooked the last time and we can make sure you cook something new.  

All our international cuisines have multiple menus, so don’t be afraid of coming to your favourite again!

Food Sorcery cannot be made responsible for any food taken away from the premises.

You should ensure that food is taken home in clean suitable containers and put into the fridge as soon as possible.

Please bring your own containers or you can use our simple ones – please note our containers are not airtight and spillage is possible.

image of cooking together experience at Deansgate Square Manchester


It’s good to talk – call us on 0161 7060505 or email and we will sort out your query as quickly as possible.

Type of Class

Sociable Foodie Experience – The perfect blend of cookery class and meal out. Book and cook the same meal as a pair. Book as a Pair

Plenty of hands-on immersive learning. Book and cook/bake your own set of ingredients. You might share a workstation. Book Individually



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