image of soft boil quail sctoch egg at food sorcery savoury afternoon tea cookery class Didsbury Manhcester Halal option

Quail Scotch Egg Recpie

Pork Pies, Scotch Eggs, Mini Burger – if you don’t have a sweet tooth you’ll love this fresh take on afternoon tea treats, perfect for an afternoon snack, for lunchboxes or a starter. Using quails eggs makes these little cute and bite size, just the thing for picnics. In this...

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image of energy balls made for Quorn snacks at Food Sorcery Vegan and vegetarian for healthy eating

On-the-Go Energy Protein Balls

Whether it's first thing in the morning or midafternoon, we all need an energy boost at some point during the day. Coffee is one solution; a sugary energy drink, another. But when you need something with more sustenance, we recommend reaching for these easy to make energy balls. They loaded...

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image of Beetroot Pasta Making class at Food Sorcery

Beetroot Pasta – Recipe

Deep purple-red beetroot transforms classic pasta into an eye-catching but simple main course. The root vegetable is boiled and puréed before it's mixed into the dough. The Beet Purée: 2 small beets (approximately 7 ounces), rinsed and trimmed  Method Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add rinsed...

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image of whole fish How to make Salt Dough crust Fish at Food Sorcery

How to make Salt Dough Crusted Fish

This is an impressive and ancient way of cooking or baking whole fish. The key for this to work is that the fish should be gutted that’s the tummy cavity cleaned.  Scales must be left on the fish as the salt dough takes off the skin of the fish leaving...

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