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Class Description

With the winter season coming up you might be wondering how to support your immune system to make you more resistant to those winter bugs?

Did you know that sugar suppresses your immune system?!

  • 😲 6tsp of sugar (1 bar of chocolate) reduces the ability of our white blood cells to destroy unfriendly bacteria by 25%
  • 😲 12tsp (1 can of fizzy drink) by 60%, and
  • 😲 24 tsp (half the daily average intake in the West) by 92%!

And one study showed that 75 grams of sugar can lower the immune system for 5 hours afterwards!

To put this in perspective, one well known coffee shop brand of chai latte contains 20 teaspoons of sugar! That’s 79.7 grams!

You may be surprised to find that sugar is sneaking into your diet in numerous ways.

Perhaps your energy is slumping throughout the day, or you find yourself craving sugary treats or carbs. Maybe you get shaky, hangry or lightheaded without food. Or need a coffee or tea to get you going in the morning? You might be finding it harder to lose weight or find yourself having hormonal symptoms or skin breakouts. Well you might be surprised to find that refined sugars in the diet are a major factor in all of these issues!

My name’s Bee and I’m passionate about empowering people to take control of their own health. As part of that, I am now working with Food Sorcery to offer a series of workshops to enable you to do just that.

“Guilt Free Sweet Treats”, running 10:00-13:00 on Saturday 19th November in Didsbury Manchester, is the first in the series and is ideal for you if you resonate with any of the above and want to learn how to still have those sweet treats without the health consequences of refined sugars. There are limited spots, so make sure you grab yourself a ticket before they are all gone and learn how to support your immune system this winter.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Understand where sugar is sneaking into your diet
  • Learn about the best sugar alternatives
  • Be clued up on the health consequences of sugar
  • Discover how easy it is to make exciting tasty guilt free sweet treats with my demos
  • And you even get to taste the treats yourself, to see how great they really are!

What previous course participants have said:

“The environment was perfect, her own unique style or method in which she communicated was lovely. I felt she came across in a way which was simple to understand.”

“I liked being taught about sugar alternatives, which I will definitely be trying! Overall the course has been amazing. Thanks for running the course.”