image of worker bee coffee I love manchester and Forever Manchester charities at Food Sorcery 100 club

Worker Bee Coffee

Worker Bee MCR has launched a new tea and coffee range, with a twist of honey. Offering a fully branded concept for local cafes, we donate

image of vegetables buy local at R Noones

R Noones Ltd

We are Manchester based greengrocers, R Noone & Son. We’re a friendly, well organised and professional supplier of quality fresh fruit, vegetables and dry store

image of nina from the spice yard at the cookery school Didsbury

Nina – The Spice Yard

My early years up to the age of 11 were spent down South, London. Back then it was a very different place. I grew up

image of Matt from Your heathly roots physiotherapist

Matt – Your Health Roots

Matt has always been a keen sportsman, playing a high level of both football and cricket. This interest in sport and the body led naturally

Image of Ruth from Your heathly roots yoga

Ruth Your Health Roots

Ruth is a 200hrs Yoga Alliance Ashtanga and Vinyasa Teacher, with additional training from British Wheel of Yoga Level 4 Integration Hatha Yoga, and Kundalini

image of Tim Lambert of Lamberts Associates Leadership development cookery class team building

Tim Lambert

Cookery serves as a powerful metaphor for leadership, allowing teams to explore in a tactile and creative way, the essential ingredients that leaders must work

image of Catherine Brown Skilful Leadership

Catherine Brown

Communication is central to the success of any team.  Coming together to cook and share food is a great way to get people talking but

Image of Mark Seymour Mead Director of Food Sorcery Cookery School Didsbury

Mark Seymour Mead

Food Lover and Founder – Mark is passionate about getting us all to cook better and more often at home!

image of cookery school of the year England

Helen Jack

A confirmed vegetarian, Helen is hell bent on getting us to change our lives through food – enjoy!

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