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Recipes – Pasta Making Class

Pasta Class Introduction Garibaldi relied on the power of pasta to unite Italy and Sophia Loren famously claimed she owed her voluptuous figure to spaghetti,

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Lamb Koftas – Recipe

Great for make for the whole family, lamb Kofta’s are a Middle Eastern dish grilled and served with pitta, salad, dips, and sauces. The simplest

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Rack of Lamb – The Classic

The lamb rack is very popular as a great, impressive all rounder, super quick to cook and easy to achieve perfectly crisp skin with tender,

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Vareniki – Dumplings Recipe

Varkenkiki are moon shaped dumplings filled with sweet or savoury fillings, the most common is potato and can be served with sour cream (in Ukrainian

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Massaman Seabass Curry Recipe

Welcome to the cookery school, we hope you enjoy cooking this recipe, Quick and delicious this fragrant curry is perfect for a midweek dinner or