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Cooking Together – Dining out with a difference

Whether you’ve been together for years, or dating for a few months, the kitchen is one of the best places to build memories. It’s often how we show our loved ones that we care – we nurture them by feeding them well.

It’s also, according to a lot of research, where relationships can be built and strengthened. After all, whether you split the duties (one cooks, one washes up) or both get your hands dirty, you’re working as a team to make something delicious for each other.

But it can also be a source of tension. Maybe one of you takes the lead in the kitchen, and is always making the decisions around what to eat. Maybe you’re both just reaching for the same old recipes week to week. Or maybe you’re just both keen foodies, eager to learn more. This is where our Cooking Together sessions come in.


image of ingredients for coconut broth and wontons from cooking together
image of a pan filled with vegetables and coconut broth with a wooden spoon from cooking together
image of a bowl full of wonton soup top down from cooking together

Cooking Together is one of our most popular classes – where you dine in, out. There’s no washing up to do, so no arguing over who’s wearing the rubber gloves, and no arguing about the recipe either. Instead you’ll both be guided through recipes chosen by our chef. There really is something for everyone because we can cater to vegan and vegetarian diets – even if it’s just one of you, we can adapt it to suit.

We’ll welcome you with a glass of wine, and something delicious to nibble on, whilst you meet chef and the other diners. Chef will then demonstrate the starter for you, before you all get hands on to make your own. And don’t worry, help is on hand if you forget what ingredient is next!

Once the starter is served, you can sit with your fellow diners and enjoy it, before we move onto the main course. Again, chef will demonstrate, before you get to have a go.

Finally, dessert – and this time you can put your feet up (metaphorically at least), because for your final course we’ll create and serve this one for you, and you get to simply sit and enjoy after all your hard work.

image of vegetables and sea bass fillets from cooking together
image of sea bass on top of red rice and spinach from cooking together
image of a slice of chocolate ganache tart from cooking together

We’ll even send you the recipes so that you can enjoy the dishes again at home – though this time we won’t be on hand to help with the washing up.

Cooking Together is a great alternative for date night, or a birthday treat, but those in the know have been booking it as a Valentine’s gift. So much so that two of the three events have already sold out! 

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