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Shared Health Foundation: Response to the Covid-19 crisis

We were very proud to be able to work for vulnerable people in Manchester during the cirsis on behalf of the Shared Heath Foundation  The Shared Health Foundation is an initiative of the Oglesby Charitable Trust, which is seeking to tackle health inequalities across Greater Manchester. As a community interest company their primary aim is to reduce the impact that poverty has on health, across Greater Manchester (GM).

In July 2015, The Oglesby Charitable Trust, published ‘A Shared Responsibility: Tackling Inequalities in Health Across Great Manchester’. The report marked the culmination of an 18-month study. Analysing case studies from a range of effective voluntary sector and community organisations, highlighted ‘what works’ when tackling complex health and social care problems.

SHF has been supporting homeless families across GM for the last two years, working on the ground with charities, councils, local authority providers, the Mayor, B&B owners, healthcare providers and families themselves to deliver food, education resources and community connections for families in hotel accommodation.

The number of homeless families in the region  exceeds 1500, there are hidden homeless and hidden households likely to be 10 times higher than official statistics. Around 1 in 59 children in Manchester are homeless or in temporary accommodation. This is only a glimpse into this growing issue.

This plight has been recognised by Morrison’s CEO, who’s generous donation is ensuring that Manchester’s most vulnerable children don’t go hungry. With this additional support, the SHF team are now providing and distributing:

  • One hot meal per day for all families staying in emergency hotel accommodation – supported by Feed my City, Hip Hop Chip Shop and Food Sorcery – this in addition to the breakfast packs previously provided;

  • Hygiene packs.

  • Cleaning products for hotel managers.

  • Up-to-date guidance of Covid-19

  • Mental health support

  • Providing Wi-Fi

The SHF team are now keen to access educational toys and games for children aged 5-12 years old as well as laptops, which would be kept in secure, accessible community spaces.

If you can help please contact Charlotte Cockman, Manager on