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Team Building with a Twist

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Bring the Team Together with a Foodie Experience

Let’s face it, work has changed dramatically over the last two years and things may never be the same again. No longer does the office buzz five days a week. Face to face meetings are a thing of the past, and the fact is, team building has never been more important. 

You’ve been charged with the task of finding a light-hearted and fun activity for your workplace, but no amount of bowling can stitch together a team that’s never before met. The pub won’t cut the mustard, and if you want a uncomfortable room to escape from, then you may as well just stay at work.  

Enter Food Sorcery. Our corporate days are all about working together in a fun environment, whilst creating and sharing fabulous food under expert guidance. 

Step outside of the box, and join us for a corporate cookery event that’ll surprise and thrill your workmates. Our chefs will get you cooking some amazing food, have the team laughing and most importantly, the whole experience will bring everybody closer together.

Our team events promote good communication, and are the perfect way to gel a team because they offer a common goal with a delicious reward at the end. You’ll get to mix up your roles and get the boss peeling the onions, show off your knife skills, and really get to see how you can all contribute to an amazing feast.   

All of our events are bespoke, and adapted to fit your team. So, whether you want to have a collaborative or competitive event, we’ll ensure that you have a great time, and nobody will be talking about work. 

Everybody will get to cook, socialise and most importantly, eat. We also have a fully stocked bar, and offer a cocktails & dining event. Not to mention that you and your teammates may leave with a new understanding of cookery, some tips, recipes and skills that can be used at home. 



Choose ingredients from our extensive larder and create whatever you fancy under the guidance of chef. 


Create a delicious restaurant inspired meal to enjoy with some fabulous wines.  


Sit back and relax into a menu of your choice.  You can choose to cook a bit, a lot or not at all!  Don’t just be a customer, be our guest!


Get competitive during a cocktails masterclass, while your colleagues knock up some delightful dishes to keep you well fed, then eat, swap over, and repeat. 


Partner up in 2s or 3s to make a globally inspired menu with chef’s guidance.