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BBC Breakfast x Food Sorcery

In the run up to Shrove Tuesday, more frequently now called Pancake Day, we planned a mini masterclass for those who are baffled by batter and nervous of taking the plunge and treating themselves to proper homemade pancakes…

Before we start…there is some debate…pancakes versus crepes – so for ease of communication – what we call a pancake is the thin variety, similar to the French crepe, but made in a frying pan not on purpose-built maker…. Our pancakes thinly fill the pan you use…you can opt to flip them over with a utensil, but really you should stand, feet shoulders width apart, 2 hands on the pan handle and with a shake and shimmy, flip them through the air and catch to cook the other side. To eat…roll up with your chosen filling… American style pancakes…there are thicker, doughier and often pre-stuffed with blueberries – you cook in blobs turning using a fork or knife…very different….

We were delighted that not only our guests showed an interest in perfecting the pancake, but so did the BBC… they joined us with a camera and captured the class for a slot on BBC breakfast on the day itself… Chef Jason was coerced into a few social media snippets which we will enjoy watching going viral over the coming weeks. Back to the pancakes – the recipe will follow this, but our key message is don’t buy the ready mix, pancake batter is easy and really cost effective. Jason encourages use of a sieve, not only for the flour, but also strain the mixture to capture any stray lumps or even eggshell – also don’t use too much butter to cook, oil or butter on a cloth wiped around the pan is sufficient for a few shakes to loosen your pancake ready to flip! Personally, it’s lemon and sugar all the way, but enjoy layering on your favourite toppings and make lots!

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