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Mix Things Up with a Cooking Together Class

Ditch the take out and cancel the restaurant booking,  it’s time to have some fun in the kitchen.

Our cooking together events are as much about having a good time as they are about learning and eating. Working with one of our expert chefs, you will learn how to create restaurant inspired food in an evening of laughter and enjoyment. 

image of Japanese cookery class at the cook school, manchester

Here’s why you should do a Cooking Together Class…

You get professional instruction from friendly and experienced chefs

Chicken connoisseur or baked bean fanatic, you’ll have no issues following the instructions from our expert chefs, and you’ll be amazed at what you can produce with a little guidance. 

Chef will demonstrate the dishes, teach you some professional techniques and be there to guide you all the way through creating some incredible food.

It’s good to challenge yourselves and try something different
Break the monotony of date night and experience something new. Share the fun, learn together and build lasting memories.

Teamwork makes the dream work
Whether you’ve been together for a week or a decade, a cooking together class will strengthen your teamwork. You’ll have to work together to produce a meal that you’ll both get to enjoy in our restaurant.

No washing up!
Let’s face it, one of the best things about going out for dinner is the fact that you don’t have to clean a thing. Well, we’ve got that covered too. You’ll prepare, cook, and enjoy your food all without washing a thing, (except for your hands of course).

Broaden your culinary horizons
Any cookery class is a great way to lean about and enjoy new cuisines. We have a wide range of classes to choose from and a whole host of well travelled chefs to teach you.

It’s bags of fun!
Did I mention that a cooking together class is great fun? This is not a high pressure kitchen. This is an enjoyable evening of cookery with like minded people, music, and of course, a fully stocked bar.

It’s not all about date night
So far I’ve mentioned that this is a great way to turn the heat up on date night, but you can bring a friend, a parent, even a neighbour. But, there’s more to it than that, because we also offer Parent and Teen Classes for budding chefs, and Big & Little Cooks for those looking to inspire their little ones in the kitchen.  

How it works…
At Food Sorcery we offer a vast number of cooking classes, from French Patisserie to Pasta Making. Many of the classes are designed to teach or enhance a particular skill or cuisine, with each person cooking their own dishes. Cooking Together classes differ because you will share the duties of preparing and cooking for two. Be it an evening class for adults, or a parent and child Cooking Together class, it’s all about enjoying each other’s company and working together, whilst having fun and learning something.
When you arrive for your class, you will be offered a complimentary drink and introduced to the team. Chef will talk you through the dishes that you will be making, and then the class will begin with a demonstration. Then you’ll be let loose to get on with your starters with chef at hand to answer any questions and offer further guidance. There’ll be music, laughter, socialising and some awesome food to enjoy.
You’ll enjoy your food in the cosy restaurant at the back of the kitchen, before the next demo and the main course. Once you sit to enjoy your main course, chef will prepare a delicious dessert for you to finish the meal.

So what are you waiting for? Book a class today and make Cooking Together a part of your life. 

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