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Sri Lankan Cuisine – Make your mouth rejoice with happiness

Despite it’s close proximity to Southern India (renowned to be the spiciest of all Indian cuisine) the food of Sri Lanka has its own vibe and distinct flavours.

Sri Lanka has been colonised by many different countries over the years, including the Portuguese, Dutch and British – it is now a republic with the 25 year civil war having ended in 2009.

Sri Lankans absolutely love spices and explore a wide variety of flavours in a wonderful blend of different curries and tasty dishes, whatever you choose Sri Lankan food will make your mouth rejoice with happiness.

Coconuts and fish are the main influential components due to Sri Lanka being an tropical island and remains the dominant ingredient. Rice and curry are the staples along with various bread including roti style flatbreads.

According to 1,720 reviews on TripAdvisor, Lagoon is the best place to eat seafood and that’s where our Director headed on holiday as well as doing a little bit of research for our upcoming Sri Lankan cookery class at Food Sorcery.

A wide display of Sea Food from lobsters, crabs, prawns, whole fish to filleted fish and steak fish…you choose what you like say how you want it prepared…sauted, poached, steamed, grilled, baked or fried with the choice of sauce and accompaniment and pay for the exact grammage of the seafood chosen….have it with iced chilled beer n voila you keep going there to try everything out…..bon appetite…

One of the most unusual sights you come across in Sri Lanka are the large fruits growing on trees, the jack fruit and breadfruit are part of the fig and mulberry family and can produce up to three tons of food.

Jackfruit is also increasingly being used in other parts of the world, particularly in the U.S., as a plant-based meat alternative because the young, unripe fruits soak up flavour well and have a stringy, “meat-like” texture when cooked. Our Healthy Eating Chef Jan Cron is currently in the U.S cheffing at the masters golf – he won’t tell us which golfer he’s cooking for but he did send us this picture of a Jack Fruit in the supermarket – he was delighted to see that it wasn’t the size of an apple. His comment was quickly picked up by our director Mark who sent us a picture of the fruit growing on trees!


Our Sri Lankan cookery class and meal is on Saturday 28th April 3-7pm £95 pp It’s a chance to taste this amazing cuisine right here in Didsbury.

Examples of what you might cook:

Aubergine moju (pickle)

Kale mallung (kale and coconut salad)

Deviled Sweet and Sour Fish Curry

Sri Lankan Dhal Curry (Parippu)

Vegetarian Kottu

What’s included:

Refreshments and you’ll enjoy the food you create with a glass of wine, plus, if any leftovers, food to take home