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Fathers Day June 16th – Gift Idea’s

Fathers Day – Give a gift for life…

Fathers Day – comes around every year and each time we wonder just how many more hankerchiefs, socks or chocolate bars a Dad can need?

This year why not bring out their inner chef and get dad cooking for life. You can either book specific cookery classes or buy a cookery class gift voucher so he can choose his own, there is plenty of choice from . We’ve featured a selection of some of our classes to make the decision easier:

Cooking Together- A fresh take on dining out

Dine out with a twist, under guidance from chef you and dad cook a three course meal which you will enjoy eating in the company of others – It’s  a fresh take on dining out and is lot’s of fun. Classes run weekly usually on a Friday night, sometimes on a Thursday or Saturday so you’ll be sure to find a date which suits both of you. Cooking Together Gift Voucher

image of Julius GoLocal at food sorcery cooking together with friends Image of Muscle Gain Fit Food Class MACADAMIA-CRUSTED COD, FREEKEH TABBOULEH, TANDOORI SQUASH image of people eating at the dining table at Food Sorcery Cookery School Didsbury

Big & Little Cooks – Parent & child cooking together

For younger children/teenagers and their Dad’s – an afternoon working as a team along with our chef to create a meal. You and Dad will prepare a main course, a pudding and a side dish and then enjoy your meal together in the company of others at our affable table.

Cost is £95 for an adult and child. Classes run Monthly and are a great way to spend quality time together and the added bonus is that the washing up is taken care of!

Image of big little cooks at food sorcery parent and child cooking together image of Cooking Together class main dish at Food sorcery image of Big & Little Cooks dining at parent & child cooking class

BBQ Cookery Class with Ed Warren

Give your Dad the skills to cook on the open flame with confidence, you never know – you might get to benefit from all he learns.

You’ll be surprised at just how much you can cook on a BBQ and we’ve got local pit master Ed Warren to show you the best way to build, manage and cook on flames.

Ed has been cooking over an open flame for as long as he can remember and loves nothing more than teaching others his skills. From super charging your barbeque, digging fire pits, off set smoking to gathering wood in the depths of the country side. Barbecuing opens you up to a world of experiences and gets you back to our most fundamental state – cooking and being together.

image of bbq pit master at Food Sorcery Fathers Day gift Image of BBQ cookery class at Food Sorcery North west Manchester image of fathers day gift with a twist alternative at Food Sorcery Cookery School BBQ class

Coffee Lovers – Learn how to make the perfect brew at home

If your Dad gets a buzz out of coffee, then this is perfect for him!. This class is all about making the perfect brew at home with a little bit of science from Gavin, who’s been a professional barista for 15 years, He will explain the differences in techniques used to make the perfect coffee, advise on what will work best at home and even show your Dad how to use all the kit that he’s got tucked away in the back of the cupboard!. Classes run monthly £75 pp

Image of Barista pouring coffee at Food Sorcery coffee lovers class, Didsbury, Manchester image of Barista Gavin ready to pour into Aeropress Coffee Maker using gooseneck kettle Image of barista Gavin demonstrating late art at Food Sorcery cofee lovers class Didsbury Manchester

Steak Masterclass – A feast for meat lovers

An incredible treat for all Steak Lovers – working with our Chef, dad will have the opportunity to learn all about the different cuts of meat and most importantly how to cook steak at home. the day is spent cooking and eating the best cuts of meat sourced from local butchers Axons of Didsbury and Three Little Pigs.

Image of Fit Food chef Jan Cron slicing steak at Food Sorcery Didsbury Image of Fit Food sliced steak at Food Sorcery, Didsbury image of chimichurri steak at Food Sorcery Didsbury

Fish Masterclasses – Embrace your local fishmonger

Many of us love fish, rarely cook it at home or stick to the same recipes. We’ve created a series of three different fish cookery classes to help you introduce fish into your everyday cooking as well as for entertaining. Get Dad to embrace his local fishmonger, learning what to look for and what to ask for.

image of flat fish filleting class at food sorcery cookery school image of couple at fish cookery class Didsbury Manchester Image of Muscle Gain Fit Food Class MACADAMIA-CRUSTED COD, FREEKEH TABBOULEH, TANDOORI SQUASH

World Food Cookery Classes – Authentic tastes from chefs travels.

From Europe to Thailand, Japan to Sri Lanka – we’ve got a class to suit you, taken from chef’s travels. we have been lucky enough to meet Chochaba Harper a Thai chef who grew up in Thailand and has been in the UK for many years teaching cookery classes. Jason Palin our resident chef has taught all over the world teaching cookery classes – he loves nothing more than sharing his tasty delights with guests, his philisophy is come as guest, leave as a friend.

image of Chochaba Harper Thai Ctering at Food Sorcery Thai cookery class Image of Pad Thai chefs table with Chorchaba Harper at Food Sorcery cookery school Image of cooking togehter with Jason Palin at food Sorcery Didsbury Manchester team building and vegetarian

Fit Food – Healthy Eating – Gluten Free with Jan Cron

If healthy eating is more you Dad’s thing, take a look at this series of classes with healthy in mind. Kitchen Maverick Jan Cron has spent a lifetime learning the best cooking techniques and perfecting flavours, “if 70% of being healthy is what you eat and 30% exercise then we need to concentrate on getting the best balance of tasty food into our bodies”. He’s researched relevant, irrelevant and utterly absurd diets, so your Dad doesn’t have to.

Image of Fit Food Class Chef Jan Cron pouring oil into chimichurri marinade for steak at Food Sorcery, Didsbury Image of Fit Food Class chopping red cabbage at Food Sorcery, Didsbury Image of Fit Food Class Chef Jan Cron concentrating with class participant at Food Sorcery Cookery and Barista School, Didsbury

Upcoming cookery classes

Here is a selection of other Classes to tempt Dad’s taste buds – Book Online

Food Sorcery Cookery & Barista School hosts hands-on fun filled cookery classes, team building and private dining events. We are adjacent to Waterside Hotel, Leisure & Spa.

Contact Us – t: 0161 706 0505 e: a: Wilmslow Rd, Didsbury, M20 5WZ

Image of Food Sorcery Logo with Strapline Didsbury Manchester  Image of Food Sorcery ready for Cooking together cookery class Didsbury Manchester  Image of Barista pouring coffee at Food Sorcery coffee lovers class, Didsbury, Manchester


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