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Ingredients & Kit List – Online Pioneer

  Alternative Tortilla Garlic Mushrooms Apple Strudel Combined Shopping List
Onion Shallot 1     1 medium onion
Olive Oil   2 tablespoon 2 tablespoon   Small Bottle
Butter   1 teaspoon   2 tablespoons 1 pack
Potato    1 large or 2 small     1 large or 2 small
Garlic    2 cloves 2 cloves   1 bulb
Eggs   6     6 eggs
Parsley   Small bunch  Small Bunch   Big bunch
Baguette Other bread   1   1 baguette
Tomatoes Garnish 2     2 ripe tomatoes
Button Mushrooms Any variety   150g   150g pack any mushroom
Crème Fraiche Double Cream   2 tablespoons To serve Small pot crème fraiche
Salt   to taste to taste   Salt to taste
Black Pepper   to taste to taste   Black pepper to taste
Pre-Rolled Puff pastry Block of pastry     375g pack 1 pack pre rolled puff pastry
Eating Apples       3 3 apples
Raisins       4-5 tablespoons 1 pack
Light brown soft sugar Brown sugar     4-5 tablespoons 1 bag soft brown sugar
Ground Cinnamon       1/2 Teaspoon Ground Cinnamon

Pans & Things

Small frying pan
Lid or plate to cover frying pan
Chopping Board
Oven Tray – libe with greasproof paper
Rolling pin 0 if your pastry is not pre-rolled
Tea Towel or Paper Towel

Cutlery & Knives

Bread Knife
3 forks, 1 knife, 1 spoon
Potato peeler
Spautla or fish slice
Wooden spoon

Crockery & Bowls

3 plates to serve
3 bowls – eggs; strudel ingredients; rubbish
1 mug or small bowl – big enough to soak raisins
2 plates to turn your tortilla – you can use the serving plates if big enough

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