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Team Building – Boost Morale & Motivation – Post Covid

The corporate team building day has been around forever it seems. We all remember the awkward ice breaker of truth or dare or asking your neighbour pointless questions that neither of you wanted to answer or the answers to.

Thankfully all that has changed, but how has it changed? It’s changed unmeasurably in the last 18 months, with words such as furlough, lock down and unprecedented being banded around. As business’s struggle to “get back to normal” post covid, the team building event has never been more important.


Team building activities can come in many forms these days, some of them are even virtual, a concept we would have never imagined pre covid. Getting together in your own home over zoom with a box of kit you’ve never seen before and then challenge your way through the activity whilst your colleagues look on; is both fun and terrifying in many ways.

In person events are even more fun with the added advantage of no one seeing inside your kitchen you’ve been meaning to paint all over lock down. Nothing beats getting together with your colleagues to get some business done before carrying on and enjoying some sociable catch-up time. Enjoy hearing how everyone powered through Netflix in lockdown or thoroughly enjoyed home schooling!


It’s a great opportunity to find out who the dark horses in your team are. Those hidden chef skills, or secret cocktail experts you never knew you sat next to all year round.

Team-building is a great way to welcome new employees, discuss new ways of working, and also to up-skill and motivate your team. Especially in the new virtual home working world just one day out of the spare room can be a chance to build better internal relationships and to support inclusivity.


The world as we knew has changed for many, but as team building has been around for years it’s never been a better time to embrace it to strengthen your new world and build stronger teams. The best ideas and goals have always been set when people are at their most relaxed and creative. Find yourself a sociable activity that all the team can have a go at, whether its out of their comfort zone or familiar ground. You’ll be surprised to meet those dark horses you never knew you had.

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