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Healthy Cooking Tips

  1. Healthy eating can feel like a little bit of a minefield. One minute red wine is good for us, the next it’s bad. One day it’s smoothies and juicing, the next it’s paleo and keto. It can feel overwhelming.

  3. To help you find your way through the hype and faddy ideas, we’ve got ten tips to help you make small changes to how you eat, and how you cook, that can have a huge effect on how well you feel.
  5. One: Start your day off a little less sweet. Cereals and pastries are full of refined sugars, and even toast or porridge aren’t so good once you start adding jams and marmalades. Try something like an omelette or if you really can’t do without, try our brown quinoa pancakes. We use honey, a more complex sugar in the recipe, so you just need to add a little yogurt and fruit of your choice.
  7. Two: Eat in colour. Brightly coloured fruit and veg are full of the antioxidants and vitamins our bodies need. So add colour where you can. Peppers, tomatoes, blueberries, broccoli, even carrots all add a splash of colour to a dish, and something good to your body.
  9. Three: We don’t only eat with our eyes. It can look Instagram ready, but have your considered the balance of flavour in the dish, or even the texture. A sprinkle of toasted nuts onto a stir fry adds delicious crunch, seeds to the top of hummus add crunch, flavour and essential oils. A squeeze of lemon on roasted chicken, or grilled fish, lifts it to another level. Give it a go with our buckwheat ‘rice’ pudding. Topped with a range of textures and flavours, it looks and tastes delicious.
  11. Four: Speaking of balance, balance your day. Your meals might be well balanced with protein, fat, carbs and veggies, but are your snacks? High carb snacks are delicious, but they won’t keep your hunger satisfied for long. Try something with more protein and fat. Greek yogurt and berries, a slice of apple spread with almond butter, or chunks of cucumber and carrot with hummus.
  13. Five: Toast – and we’re not talking about bread! Nuts and seeds taste nuttier when toasted, and spices take on bigger and rounder flavours when toasted before grinding. Try it for yourself with our macadamia nut crusted cod. Toasting the nuts enhances the flavour of the whole dish.
  15. Six: Gut health is incredibly important – so much so we have a whole class around it! Make sure your tummy is full of lots of good bacteria with probiotic-rich and fermented foods – yogurt and kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha, and kimchi. They’re so easy to make too, try our quick kimchi recipe at home.  
  17. Seven: Be organised.  We’ve all made the mistake of going shopping hungry, and bringing home a mishmash of things that don’t fit any one dish. And how many times have you trusted yourself to take something out of the oven, and forgotten until the smoke alarm goes off? Take a little time to make a list (maybe eat a snack), check a recipe, and set a timer.
  19. Eight: Experiment! We have access to flavours, and spices from all over the world. From the more exotic kimchi, gojuchang sauce, miso paste, to the more familiar – fish sauce, harissa, sambal. Add a splash of fish sauce to a soup, or a spoon of miso to a marinade or in the case of our buffalo cauliflower salad with beetroot falafel, hot sauce!
  21. Nine: Vary your cooking style – don’t just use the frying pan. Try steaming, grilling or braising. Some vegetables, are better raw and fresh, but some kale as an example, benefit from being stir fried – the high heat breaks down their cellular structure, releasing all those good vitamins and antioxidants.
  23. Ten: Treat yourself. No really – denying yourself all the things you crave all the time, only makes you want them more, so why not enjoy them a little, or even adapt recipes so they don’t feel quite so forbidden. And why deny yourself, when we have recipes like our no bake peanut butter cookies (dunk them in dark chocolate for an extra good-for-you twist), or our paleo, vegan tiramisu delicious!

We hope your journey to healthier eating goes well, if you need a little inspiration along the way take a look at our Fit Food Cookery Classes run by expert chef Jan Cron, he specialises in making food taste as delicious as it is good for you.